about us

Who are we?

  • Jim M. - electric guitar/acoustic guitar/background vocals
  • Jim L. - drums/acoustic guitar/background vocals/everything else percussion
  • Meagan - vocals
  • Ralph - bass/acoustic guitar/lead vocals/background vocals
  • Mike - acoustic guitar/electric guitar/bass/background vocals

We're a local cover band in Ridgefield, Washington, and we all share a deep love of music. Listening, sharing, and especially playing.

With over 200 collective years of playing and performing music, our goal is to provide popular and high quality music that you won't hear elsewhere. You'll hear songs that everyone knows and loves, and you'll either be singing along or up and dancing! We're going to roll right from The Beatles to Alanis Morissette to Dwight Yoakam to Pink and keep the audience guessing as we play music from every "generation"!

the band Generations